In which Blaine heads to a strip club and spots some familiar faces…

like what seb? like blaine? …yupp…thats what i thought

like what seb? like blaine? …yupp…thats what i thought

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Grant Gustin tells how Darren Criss prepared him for ‘Glee’ role, fame

In a lengthy new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Grant Gustin – the actor who will have a major role on next week’s new episode of Glee (3×05 The First Time) – discusses his character Sebastian and how co-star Darren Criss helped him through the filming process.


Gustin spoke at length about getting the part and how it has all been very new for him:

What was it like coming to set for the first time?

Gustin: It was crazy, I’d never been on a TV or film set before, ever. It was my first camera experience. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was so much fun. I feel so lucky to part of such a wonderful, relevant project when it’s at its peak. Darren was actually very cool, he would walk me through things as they were happening, helping me figure out what everyone’s job was and the lingo of a set, what type of shot was happening. I had no idea how wide a shot was or how tight a shot was, what the guy next to me was doing touching my costume between takes. Darren was really cool helping me figure out the ropes, and he wanted to be really clear he wasn’t demeaning me and I as like “no, bro, I need it!” Everyone was really cool and nice to me, and they didn’t need to do that! They’re TV stars and I’m nobody!

Darren had the same experience last year as coming into the Glee family did he give you any words of wisdom?

Gustin: Kind of, he told me nothing is going to prepare me for what’s going to happen. He said, “I wish he could give you advice, but your life is going to drastically change.” That’s the part I haven’t really wrapped my mind around yet I guess. My episode hasn’t aired, no one knows who I am, no one recognizes me, I’m just me. I don’t know what to expect yet I guess. Darren’s great, from what I’ve heard from people who’ve known him before this all happened, that he’s remained the same, and very cool. I can only hope the same for myself if I’m so lucky to blow up the way that he has.

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