In which Blaine heads to a strip club and spots some familiar faces…

like what seb? like blaine? …yupp…thats what i thought

like what seb? like blaine? …yupp…thats what i thought

Glee Season 3 Spoiler! Which Two Characters Face off in Michael Jackson Tribute Episode?

December 14 at 01:51PM EST by Ashley Graham



Get ready for an epic showdown between New Directions and the Warblers during Glee's January 24 Michael Jackson tribute episode!

One of MJ’s greatest songs (with, ahem, one of his greatest videos — Joe Pesci? Sean Lennon? Amaaaazing!) is getting a Glee spin courtesy of two members of two different glee clubs.

Here’s a hint:


Photo Credit: Fox; via Grant Gustin’s Twitter

Santana (Naya Rivera) and… Sebastian (Grant Gustin)!! Word ‘round the Tumblr-verse from an insider on set is that “Smooth Criminal” will go down as a battle between the competing glee clubs, with Santana and Sebastian serving as each other’s competition on lead vocals!

While no “official” word exists, both stars were tweeting one another’s praises yesterday after the long work day came to a close. 

“Just finished doing an amazing song with the extremely talented@grantgust This kid can dance!!” Naya said.

Grant echoed the sentiment with, “Legitimately my favorite day of filming thus far!! Had the most fun with the amazing @NayaRivera! And thanks for the kind words. :)”

Now isn’t that sweet… and telling!

Wait! There’s more! Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) is busy tweeting up a storm of spoilers for the new year from the set, and one that caught our eye this morning could mean there’ll be more to come from the Warblers come January 24!

“Morning! Rachel’s first visit to Dalton today! So excited to see all the#Warblers and watch them sing and dance!” she chirped


Photo Credit: via Naya Rivera’s Twitter

UPDATE: Naya tweeted the above pic from the Dalton set. Where’sKurt (Chris Colfer), hmm?

Could Sebastian’s involvement in the number make him the “smooth criminal” in question? He is, after all, on a mission to steal Blaine (Darren Criss) from Kurt. Is this a hint of further troubles for Klaine

Source: Tumblr, Twitter

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imagejust want a chance to see them in real person for once *deep sigh* we usually only see drawings!image

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